Bloody efforts is easy to learn but hard to master game. Fighting other players and experiencing dynamic battles gives the feeling of excitement and fun as well as teaches a lot about the game basics. Playing more matches allows to achieve higher levels which unlock new features and challenges. This system allows to familiarize with all parts of the game and precisely understand the mechanics.

Bloody Efforts gives many variations of playing. You can fight alone in free for all battles or find friends for an intense teammatch. The game modes have many interesting goals to diversify the gameplay. You can become mighty Ascendent Warrior with incredible powers to wreck havoc among the enemies or obtain an Ancient Weapon to control tremendous Element forces. Regardless of the mode, matches are very dynamic and fast (average game takes about 10 minutes). Finishing the match results in getting rewards which depend on your game scores and completed tasks. Note that, taking part in a fight is always compensated with experience, combat points and soul essences which can be immediately swapped for new skills, abilities etc.

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creating your fighter

Have you ever thought that the sword should be bigger or you would change color of the cape? Fighter creation system allows to change everything and make unique, personal character appearance. Choosing from all available parts and colors allows to design your own favourite look in detail.

Increasing experience and levels unlocks new skills, abilities, elements and knowledge. Combining those, you will be able to create your unique playstyle and check it out straightway in combat. Thanks to soul essences system you can even more precisely choose the most wanted points and strengthen them up. The possibilities are countless, so use your imagination and create some stunning combinations. Remember that theory and practise vary on a rapidly changing battlefield. During the game, using the proper skill set, based on the current situation, is a crucial ability and will separate great fighters from the best ones.

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Ragdoll is a thing which makes Bloody Efforts complete. Just killing your enemy is not as satisfying as slicing him in half and looking at his inert body which is falling off the cliff, rolling and bouncing off the rocks. We have done our best to make it a great and adorable view. We hope you enjoy the ragdoll as mush as we do. Keep those heads rolling!

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